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Here at Amen Real Estate, we’re making legends. The best of the best. The top producers. The doers. The slayers. The agents who everyone wants to work with because we close. We get it done. We’re legends.

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Amen Real Estate comprises a passionate and results-oriented team with over 200+ million worth of real estate sold.


Surround yourself with motivated individuals at Amen Real Estate.  A positive environment and driven team culture create a space where everyone can grow together.


We work together and we succeed together. We love to celebrate the growth and success of our agents in everything they do.

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Founder & CEO

Jim Amen

Jim is the CEO and Broker of Amen Real Estate (#01861586) and the founder and head trainer at Amen Bootcamp. Jim has been in the real estate industry for 18 years and carries a passion for training and coaching new agents. Jim’s first book, “The Insider’s Guide to Success for New Realtors,” is being published in late 2022.  If he hadn’t become a broker, he would have gone into teaching. He loves to nerd out on education, data and systems to drive agent results.

Honored by both Sacramento & Placer County Master’s Club for the past 10 consecutive years, Jim (DRE #01841461) is a top notch professional with excellent ratings.

As the Owner and Broker of three real estate branches serving Sacramento, Placer, El Dorado, Yolo, Solano, San Joaquin, and Yuba County areas, Jim has a vast knowledge of the intricate trends in each area.  He uses his professional experience and his wide array of vendor connections to educate his clients and negotiate the best terms for them.  His 28+ years’ experience are comprised of 18 years in the real estate industry and 10 complimentary years as a Director of Marketing; a skill that gives his clients and team members the competitive edge. Jim’s knowledge is further built on his time as a real estate appraiser doing over 4,000 home appraisals!  He has an expert understanding of home values and a proven track record of success.  This helps his clients feel confident about their choices during the home buying or selling process. Jim commits himself to each client to meet their individual needs and to address any and all concerns. He embraces the convenience of technology without compromising the personal touch, and when you call Jim he will always personally answer the phone for you.

Chief Marketing & Growth Officer

Megan Blackwell

Megan carries over a decade of marketing experience and brings an energetic presence into the office and to every meeting. Her can-do positive attitude is contagious and she loves a good challenge. Within the first 8 weeks of having her real estate license, Megan had already closed a transaction, had two under contract (including a $1.2 million deal!), four buyer representation agreements with active showings, and a live listing. She personally saw that with a little hustle and a full embrace of Amen Real Estate’s systems, support, and accountability, any agent can find this kind of success.

ISA – Inside Sales Agent

Nia Chicas

Nia (#02191708) is an Inside Sales Agent at Amen Real Estate. She has been in the real estate industry for 2 years. She is currently attending University of California Davis studying International Relations. I am hoping to take my major into law school and focus on Real Estate Law. She loves that the real estate business allows her to create and build long lasting relationships. I love being in an environment where you are constantly challenged and encouraged at the same time. Everyone at Amen Real Estate wants you to be successful in every aspect of your life. Education is probably the main reason why I enjoy my current job. This job not only tells you exactly what you need to do to be successful, but also provides the fundamentals and tools to execute that success. Furthermore, encourages you to take advantage of it.

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Britni Cadena & Chris Moreci

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Juliette Stout

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Trevor Frew

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Nia Chicas

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Daniel Parra


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Happy Clients

You will NOT find a better broker! This is the third time working with Jim, this time to help us find our “forever” home. Jim is patient, listens to your needs, and spends time helping you understand the process (and what you’re getting into if there are some challenges for the home).

A few examples: 1. We looked at about a dozen properties that didn’t quite work for us. The day we found what would be our future home I texted Jim to see if we could check out the property…and Jim had actually sent us a link to the SAME property an hour earlier, suggesting we check it out based on what we were looking for! 2. We were getting ready to purchase the property Jim pointed out some concerns that we would have missed. With Jim’s contacts we were able to get a plumber and 2nd pest inspection done. There were some things the seller’s inspection missed (including a leak) and we were able to get a nice credit because of his efforts. 3. He definitely knows his stuff and his past appraiser experience shows. He was able to point out property strengths and some concerns or minor issues that we should be aware of down the road. Knowing the market he was able to help us put a competitive offer together without overpaying…I honestly don’t think we would have gotten the house if it wasn’t for his understanding of the market.
Jim sold us our place in Lake Tahoe; he was a big reason we got the greatest house. We were really determined to buy a different home that was a bit of a stretch on our budget, and the seller was not willing to work with us. Rather than convince us to increase our budget, Jim never pressured us on the sale (in fact, Jim played middle man on a lot of uncomfortable negotiating by the seller). He continued looking, and we eventually found the right home at the right price. We appreciated his willingness to broker us the right deal for us, rather than seek the higher commission check. Thanks Jim!
Jim and his team exceeded my expectations. We had two sales and a purchase that had to be coordinated with an exchange and everything came out perfectly. The communication between myself and the team was exceptional. There was never a call, email or even a text that didn’t receive a quick response. Every promise and commitment delivered. Jim’s advice was amazingly accurate on every piece of advice he gave from listing price to negotiations to dealing with tenants. His calm and confident demeanor put me at ease that he knew exactly what to and all I had to do was relax. I will call Jim the next time I need a broker and can confidently recommend him to friends and family.

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